Cycling Advisory Committee


Meeting #:The 2nd Meeting of the Cycling Advisory Committee
Committee Room #4
  • PRESENT: J. Roberts (Chair), B. Cowie, C. DeGroot, R. Henderson, B. Hill, J. Jordan, C. Pollett, E. Raftis, O. Toth and D. Turner (Committee Clerk)

    NOT PRESENT: K. Brawn

    ALSO PRESENT: G. Dales, A. Dunbar, P. Kavcic, L. Maitland, A. Miller, C. Saunders, and J. Stanford

    The meeting was called to order at 4:05 PM.

That it BE NOTED that no pecuniary interests were disclosed.

  • That the Civic Administration BE INVITED to attend a future meeting of the Cycling Advisory Committee to provide updates and information on the development of the climate emergency evaluation tool and how it applies to the budget process; it being noted that the attached presentation from A. Dunbar, Manager III, Financial Planning and Policy, with respect to the City's active transportation budget, was received. 

  • That it BE NOTED that the attached presentation from J. Kostyniuk, Traffic and Transportation Engineer, with respect to the Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Strategic Plan updates, was received.

  • That it BE NOTED that the 1st Report of the Cycling Advisory Committee, from its meeting held on December 18, 2019, was received. 

  • That it BE NOTED that the Public Meeting Notice, dated January 7, 2020, from M. Vivian, Planner I, Development Services, with respect to Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendments for the properties located at 332 Central Avenue and 601 Waterloo Street, was received.

  • That the attached 2020 Cycling Advisory Committee work plan BE FORWARDED to Council for its consideration and approval.

  • That the following actions be taken with respect to the 2020 Cycling Advisory Committee Budget:

    a)       a member of the Cycling Advisory Committee (CAC) BE PERMITTED to attend the 2020 Share the Road conference;

    b)       the expenditure of up to $375.00 + tax from the 2020 CAC budget BE APPROVED to cover the conference fees; and,

    c)       if selected by the conference organizers to participate, that the above-noted CAC member BE PERMITTED to present at said conference on the topic of "revisiting cycling master plans using a climate emergency lens".

  • That the Chair of the Cycling Advisory Committee (CAC) BE AUTHORIZED to speak on behalf of the CAC at the upcoming Strategic Priorities and Policy Committee budget meetings, with respect to the budget allocations necessary for the City to meet future reduced emissions targets while increasing active transportation and mode sharing initiatives/infrastructure.

  • That a working group BE CREATED to provide formal commentary/feedback on the Old East Village Bikeway presentations, which the Cycling Advisory Committee received at their meeting held on December 18, 2019, from representatives for Dillon Consulting and WSP.

The meeting adjourned at 6:39 PM.