Community Services Committee


meeting held on October 1, 2012, commencing at 7:00 PM, in the Council Chambers, Second Floor, London City Hall. 


PRESENT:  Councillor M. Brown (Chair), Councillors B. Armstrong, D.G. Henderson and H.L. Usher and B. Westlake-Power (Secretary). 


ABSENT:  Councillor N. Branscombe.


ALSO PRESENT:  I. Collins, B. Coxhead, S. Godin, L. Livingstone, P. Sauro, R. Sharpe and E. White.







That it BE NOTED that no pecuniary interests were disclosed.






Dearness Home Community Newsletter September - 2012

Recommendation:  That the September 2012 Dearness Home Community Newsletter BE RECEIVED.



1st Report of the Accessibility Advisory Committee


Recommendation:   That the 1st Report of the Accessibility Advisory Committee from its meeting held on August 23, 2012 BE RECEIVED



1st Report of the London Housing Advisory Committee


Recommendation:  That the 1st Report of the London Housing Advisory Committee from its meeting held on September 12, 2012, BE RECEIVED.



Ontario Works Participation Profile, July 2012


Recommendation:  That, on the recommendation of the Acting Administrator, Ontario Works Administrator, the report dated October 1, 2012 with respect to the Ontario Works participant profile, July 2012, BE RECEIVED for information. (2012-C16-00)



Ontario Works Caseload Update for January 2012 to August 2012


Recommendation:  That, on the recommendation of the Acting Administrator, Ontario Works, the report dated October 1, 2012 with respect to an Ontario Works caseload update, January to August, 2012, BE RECEIVED for information. (2012-C16-00)



Cenotaph Plaza Lay-out Alterations


Recommendation:  That, on the recommendation of the Managing Director, Parks and Recreation, the report dated October 1, 2012 with respect to minor modifications to the Cenotaph Plaza in Victoria Park to support Remembrance Day ceremonies BE RECEIVED for information. (2012-M09-00) 






Smoking Restrictions in Municipal Outdoor Spaces


Recommendation:  That the Managing Director, Parks and Recreation, BE DIRECTED to bring forward a draft by-law for introduction at a future Municipal Council meeting with respect to smoking restrictions in municipal outdoor spaces to:

a)            prohibit smoking within 9 metres (30 feet) of playgrounds and recreation amenities in municipal parks; and


b)            prohibit smoking within 9 metres (30 feet) of an entrance to a municipally-owned building;


it being noted the Community Services Committee reviewed and received communications from the following individuals/organizations in support of outdoor smoking restrictions:


·                     Jenna Challenger, 158 Broughdale Ave.;

·                     Gemma Urbani;

·                     Sharon Whiteside, Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada;

·                     Dominique Bruce, Canadian Cancer Society, Smokers’ Helpline;

·                     Haylee White, 158 Broughdale Ave.;

·                     Reem Gray; and,

·                     Heather Gillespie & Travis Wintjes;


And the following individual/organization opposing outdoor smoking restrictions:


·         Rick Pettit, Lambeth Harvestfest


it being pointed out that at the public participation meeting associated with this matter, the following individuals made oral submissions in connection therewith:


·                    Johnathon Bullick, Member – Scent-Free London – providing an explanation of what chemical sensitivities are, that is an environmental illness; noting that this can affect an individual’s ability to travel, socialize, participate in recreation, etc.; describing an outdoor smoking ban as protection and as a matter of accessibility; noting multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) is impacted by smoking and that smoking is a mode of giving chemicals to individuals, and making them addicted and  requesting the Committee to support the rights of non-smokers.

·                    Stephanie Dorman, PhD candidate and volunteer with the Canadian Cancer Society – noting support for a ban of smoking in outdoor public spaces and entrance ways and outlining her submission as included on the October 1, 2012 Community Services Committee agenda.

·                    Linda Stobo, Manager of Chronic Disease Prevention and Tobacco Control, Middlesex London Health Unit – providing the attached presentation and indicating support for a ban on smoking in outdoor public spaces.

·                    Margaret Mitchell, London Public Library – presenting information as included on the Community Services Committee Added Agenda, including a request to petition other levels of government related to the fundamental problem of smoking on the sidewalk outside the Central Library as it is considered a “highway” under the Highway Traffic Act, and therefore by-laws cannot be applied to restrict smoking there.

·                    Kimberly Cairns – noting that she is addressing the Committee, in order to give children a voice and noting that Canadians are afforded choice whether to smoke or not; suggesting that if someone was to offer a child a cigarette, it would not be tolerated and noting support for the proposed restrictions.

·                    Michael Lewis – noting his opposition to some of the more severe options proposed, and suggesting that the Smoke-free Ontario Act goes far enough to limit smoking opportunities and the current legislation is adequate; noting that data on second-hand smoke outdoors is not proven and noting that of the 444 municipalities in Ontario, only 13 have full outdoor bans; noting that some studies have indicated obesity is far more of a health issue than smoking, and unhealthy foods are actually encouraged at festivals and suggesting that the 9m restriction does very little to protect people from smoke and/or exhaust from vehicles.

·                    Gwyneth Doty, 18 Lyndhurst Avenue – noting that she is a non-smoker, but does not agree with any further restrictions being proposed; suggesting Council wastes too much time and money on debate of non-issues and that smokers are tax payers also and that these proposals are not democratic; indicating that everyone has rights, not just non-smokers, smoking isn't the only ailment in society and that Council should focus on other issues. 















            The meeting adjourned at 8:34 PM.