Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-Oppression
Advisory Committee

The 5th Report of the Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-Oppression Advisory Committee
Advisory Committee Virtual Meeting - during the COVID-19 Emergency

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Residential School Survivors (RSS) Legacy Project Team Members:

  • Bruce Elijah, Grandfather
  • Vivian Timmins, who has been connected with the Ontario Indian Residential School Survivors (OIRSS) and MMIWG survivors
  • Marilyn Sutherland, Lead for IRS London Group that meets at N’Amerind Friendship Centre, IAP Program for Ontario
  • Tracey Whiteye BSW., MSW Wholistic Practitioner, Researcher, Educator
  • Summer Bressette, Curator, Indigenous Programming, London Arts Council
  • Dawn Antone-Mills, 2021 Student Practicum with the Project Team for Anishinabek Educational Institute Native Community Worker/Traditional Healing Methods
  • Andrea Hibbert, Executive Director, London Arts Council
  • Jeremy Jeresky, Curator, Public Programs and Learning, London Arts Council
  • Robin Armistead, Manager of Cultural Services, NCWS City of London


Next Meeting Date: September 16, 2021