Governance Working Group


3rd Meeting of the Governance Working Group
Governance Working Group Virtual Meeting - during the COVID-19 Emergency
City Hall is temporarily closed to the public for in-person attendance at meetings.
  • Councillors J. Morgan (Chair),
  • S. Hillier,
  • A. Kayabaga,
  • S. Lewis,
  • P. Squire,
  • and M. van Holst
  • L. Livingstone, M. Balogun, C. Saunders, M. Schulthess and B. Westlake-Power.

    The meeting was called to order at 12:01 PM, with Councillor J. Morgan in the Chair with all Members participating; it being noted that the following Members attended the meeting remotely:  Councillors M. van Holst, A. Kayabaga and S. Hillier.

That it BE NOTED that no pecuniary interests were disclosed.

  • Moved by:S. Lewis
    Seconded by:P. Squire

    That, on the recommendation of the City Clerk, the following actions be taken with respect to the Advisory Committee Review:

    a)     the report dated May 17, 2021 entitled Advisory Committee Review - Interim Report VI", BE RECEIVED; and,

    b)     the Civic Administration BE DIRECTED to report back to a future meeting of the Governance Working Group with respect to the feedback related to the draft Terms of Reference appended as Appendix A to the above-noted staff report.

    Motion Passed
  • Moved by:P. Squire
    Seconded by:S. Lewis

    That the meeting BE ADJOURNED.

    Motion Passed

    The meeting adjourned at 12:35 PM.