Accessibility Advisory Committee


Meeting #:8th Meeting of the Accessibility Advisory Committee
Committee Room #4
  • PRESENT:   J. Madden (Chair), M. Dawthorne, T. Eadinger, N. Judges, G. LaHay, J. Menard, P. Moore, P. Quesnel, D. Ruston and K. Steinmann and J. Bunn (Secretary)
    ABSENT:  G. Ashford-Smith, A. Bueschleb and J. Wilson
    ALSO PRESENT: K. Husain and D. MacRae
    The meeting was called to order at 3:01 PM.

That it BE NOTED that no pecuniary interests were disclosed.

  • That it BE NOTED that the 7th Report of the Accessibility Advisory Committee, from its meeting held on July 25, 2019, was received.

  • That the following actions be taken with respect to the Notice of Planning Application, dated August 20, 2019, from L. Mottram, Senior Planner, with respect to a Zoning By-law Amendment for the property located at 1395 Riverbend Road:

    a)            the above-noted Notice BE RECEIVED; and,

    b)            the Civic Administration BE REQUESTED to attend a future meeting of the Accessibility Advisory Committee to explain mechanical parking systems and possible repercussions for accessibility, as it relates to the above-noted Notice.


  • That the attached Built Environment Sub-Committee report, dated August 13, 2019, BE FORWARDED to the Civic Administration for consideration as part of the Draft Facility Accessibility Design Standards dated June 2019.

  • That the submission, dated July 17, 2019, as appended to the agenda, and the attached presentation, both from G. LaHay, with respect to a City of London Sidewalk Review, BE REFERRED to the Accessibility Advisory Committee sub-committees for review.

The meeting adjourned at 4:48 PM.