Corporate Services Committee


7th Special Meeting of the Corporate Services Committee
Virtual Meeting during the COVID-19 Emergency
Please check the City website for current details of COVID-19 service impacts.
Meetings can be viewed via live-streaming on YouTube and the City website
  • Councillors S. Lewis (Chair), 
  • M. Cassidy, 
  • J. Morgan, 
  • M. Hamou, 
  • and J. Fyfe-Millar
  • Mayor E. Holder
  • A. Job, J. Taylor, B. Westlake-Power

    Remote Attendance:  Councillor S. Hillier; L. Livingstone, A. Barbon, B. Card, S. Corman, J. Davison, M. Galczynski, K. Murray, M. Schulthess

    The meeting is called to order at 12:00 PM; it being noted that Councillors M. Cassidy and M. Hamou were in remote attendance. 

That it BE NOTED that no pecuniary interests were disclosed.


  • Moved by:J. Morgan
    Seconded by:J. Fyfe-Millar

    That, on the recommendation of the Deputy City Manager, Finance Supports, the following actions be taken with respect to the 2022 Debenture Issuance:

    a)    the issuance of serial debentures for a total of $21,000,000 BE APPROVED, noting the average all-in rate is 3.563% over a 10-year term; and,

    b)    the proposed by-law as appended to the staff report dated May 2, 2022 as Appendix "A" BE INTRODUCED at the Municipal Council meeting on May 3, 2022 to authorize the borrowing upon serial debentures in the aggregate principal amount of $21,000,000 towards the cost of certain capital works of the Corporation of the City of London;

    it being noted that the Corporate Services Committee received a presentation from  Kevin Martin and Chris Meston (RBC), with respect to this matter.

    Yeas: (5)M. Cassidy, J. Morgan, S. Lewis, J. Fyfe-Millar, and M. Hamou
    Absent: (1)E. Holder

    Motion Passed (5 to 0)
  • Moved by:M. Cassidy
    Seconded by:M. Hamou

    The meeting BE ADJOURNED.

    Motion Passed

    The meeting adjourned at 12:10 PM.

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