Agenda Including Addeds
Strategic Priorities and Policy Committee

16th Meeting of the Strategic Priorities and Policy Committee
Virtual Meeting - during the COVID-19 Emergency
City Hall is open to the public, with reduced capacity and physical distancing requirements.
Meetings can be viewed via live-streaming on YouTube and the City website.
  • Mayor E. Holder (Chair),
  • Councillors M. van Holst,
  • S. Lewis,
  • M. Salih,
  • J. Helmer,
  • M. Cassidy,
  • P. Squire,
  • J. Morgan,
  • S. Lehman,
  • A. Hopkins,
  • P. Van Meerbergen,
  • S. Turner,
  • E. Peloza,
  • A. Kayabaga,
  • and S. Hillier

The City of London is committed to making every effort to provide alternate formats and communication supports for Council, Standing or Advisory Committee meetings and information, upon request.  To make a request for any City service, please contact or 519-661-2489 ext. 2425.  To make a request specific to this meeting, please contact

Susan Abdula
Osam Ali
Samim Al-Qadhi
Ken Baldwin
Nancy Colbert
Anand Desai
Jason Dickson
Mary Dionysakopoulos
Rachel Ganzewinkel
Kathryn Gilbert
Tariq Khan
George Le Mac
Jeanette Lewis
Bill Little
Beverley Madigan
Susan Mumm
Alastair Neely
Ashley Janine Nicolas
Shanaz Joan Parsan
Mandy Penney
Janet Pole
Jeremy C. Roberts
Tracy Robinson
Chelsea Smith
David Smith
Sam Trosow

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