Community Services Committee


meeting held on June 19, 2012, commencing at 7:00 PM, in the Council Chambers, Second Floor, London City Hall. 


PRESENT:  Councillor M. Brown (Chair), Mayor J. Fontana, Councillors B. Armstrong, D.G. Henderson and H.L. Usher and B. Westlake-Power (Secretary). 


ABSENT:  Councillor N. Branscombe


ALSO PRESENT:  Councillor J.P. Bryant, I. Collins, B. Coxhead, P. D’Hollander, I. Gibb, S. Godkin, K. Kearns, L. Livingstone, A. Macpherson, D. O’Brien, R. Sharpe, S. Stafford, L. Stevens and E. White.







Members will disclose pecuniary interest(s) related to agenda items, if applicable.


Recommendation:  That it BE NOTED that no pecuniary interests were disclosed.






Provincial Budget 2012 and Implications to Discretionary Benefits


Recommendation:     That, on the recommendation of the Director of Social and Community Support Services, the report dated June 19, 2012, with respect to the implications of the 2012 Provincial Budget to Discretionary Benefits BE RECEIVED.






Council for London Seniors, Age-Friendly London Conference


Recommendation:  That the presentation of the Council for London Seniors with respect to past achievements of the Council and the proposed 2013 Age-Friendly London Conference BE RECEIVED;  it being noted that the Community Services Committee received a presentation from M. Sherrit and S. Wittal, Council for London Seniors.



Amplified Sound and Hours of Operation of Special Events


Recommendation:  That the following actions be taken with respect to amplified sound and hours of operation of major events, with respect to Section 13.0 in the Special Events Policies and Procedures Manual:


a)            the Allowable Sound/Decibel Levels at Special Events BE REVISED to allow for a grace limit of +/- 3 decibels to the existing maximum limits of 90 decibels beyond 30m; and,


b)            the Allowable Hours of Operation at Special Events BE REVISED to permit a fifteen-minute grace period to the existing end time limit of 11:00 PM;


it being noted that the above-noted grace periods would allow some flexibility that may be needed due to unforeseen circumstances;


it being noted that the CSC received communications from the following, with respect to this matter:



J.B. Young, Operations Manager, Fanshawe Student Union;


P. Woodford and J. Ball, 606 Waterloo Street;


B. Porter, Home County Folk League;


M. Ratcliffe and R. Millard,  By E-mail;


W.Dickinson, Planning Chair, Woodfield Community Association;


L.White, 113 Central Ave.;


W. Russell, 285 Simcoe Street;


S. Olivastri, 141 Central Ave.;


C. Joles, 1022 Waterloo Street;


D. Pellarin, by E-mail;


S. Kopp, By E-mail;


P. Stone,  Member of the Woodfield Community Association;


J. Howard and G. Hillis, 80 Thornton Avenue;


S. Curtis-Norcross, 29 Becher Street;


B. Exley, 1014 Wellington Street;


C. Engelmeyer, 17 Willingdon Ave.;


G. Clatworthy, 650 Waterloo Street;


P. Nesbitt-Larking, 787 Hellmuth Avenue; and,


J. F. Vance, 767 Colborne Street


it being pointed out that at the public participation meeting held in connection with this matter, the following individuals made a presentation in connection therewith:


·                     J.B. Young – representing Fanshawe Student Union, noting preference for Option B for decibel level; noting past experience that Fanshawe has never been fined; stating that student life has changed, therefore they would like to see hours extended; students don’t go out until 9:30 or 10 pm and therefore can’t support the festivals; support midnight curfew.

·                     B. Porter, Home County Music and Art Festival –prefer option A for hours of operation, to respect needs of residents; start programming at noon, in order to meet needs of community; mindful of volunteers, however would like a short grace period to facilitate technical glitches or encores.  Sound level support Option C would be preferred; in order to better reflect the peaks and valleys of live music productions; aim to remain within the permissible range; has only been charged once, in 2011; sound crew always watches decibel levels during the exhibition; noting inappropriateness of previous charge.

·                     B. Exley – 1014 Wellington – prefer Option A, or lower; in recent years people living 5km have heard the stage show; explanation related to the effect of increasing decibel levels – incremental; notation of impacts on person health at various locations and levels; hours of operation Option A – any benefits to downtown businesses will be affective if festivals go late; residential development will be affected if hours are extended; protection of quality of community – an increasing number are older in age; rights of the minority; past involvement in music festivals across Canada and internationally – must respect neighbours.

·                     P. Woodford, 606 Waterloo Street – echoing the previous comments; love the festivals in the downtown, but want to continue to enjoy own property and home; issue is really divisive and unnecessary; keep to Options A.

·                     M. Ratcliffe – agree with previous comments made; Rock the Park – exceeded 38 times in 2011, Sunfest 10 times last year – what assurances are there that any changes will not continue to be broken?

·                     C. Engelmeyer, 17 Willingdon Ave. – if changes are imposed, suggest the development of a concert venue away from the downtown/residential areas.

·                     K. Bice, 2 Leslie street – attached submission; concern with on-going review of existing rules; support Option A – in both cases.

·                     K. Rablyn, 311 Hyman – live downtown and enjoy; more families moving to downtown area; supports continues vibrancy of downtown; to increase sound or hours, will negatively impact existing demographics of downtown; doesn’t want downtown to be strictly a party-town; support proposed Option A in both cases, Council should maintain these rules in recognition of existing residents and their efforts to keep downtown strong; look to other larger cities like Vancouver.

·                     D. Bale, 776 Colbourne Street – notation of the residences of all members of City Council – don’t need to be concerned.

·                     D. Wood, resident of Centennial House – surprised with previous comments; speaking as a classical musician, noting experience of the history of study of music; this discussion is missing notation about acoustics – music/sound waves, doesn’t believe in decibels – need to measure in more than one place, and more than once.

·                     M. Lavoie, 4 Rogers – love all the festivals, the way they are; would recognize some compromise with respect to encores; Rock the Park – safety concerns with respect to the crowds and available exits with this event, including ambulance access due to parking (motorcycles’ noise); comparison to Bayfest, but the facilities are not at all similar; consider to allow later hours on weekends, but not weekdays; Rock the  Park infractions – 38 times in 2011, what will happen if rules are increased; concerned about security of personal property and the security outside of the park for this event; not sure what the benefits of these festivals is – Bethany’s Hope should pass the hat in the Black Friars area, rather than extending the hours; doesn’t consider the attendees of Rock the Park would be the same clientele for museums, etc; invitation to Council members to attend their home, to experience in person.

·                     J. Martin, Dufferin Street – acoustics – no mention to the resolve of the ideas; the bandshell in Victoria park doesn’t function acoustically – it needs baffles, to produce good sound; Toronto has some experience, baffles could assist with the proper type of resonance in a smaller area; fireworks – the sound bounces off the building; concern with respect to being awakened from REM sleep – need to end soon to prevent this; need for consideration for residents.

·                     B. Waite, 520 Wellington Street – a few years ago the decision was made for 11 pm, to be acceptable to both residents and festival-goers – it was co-operation; the issue is raised again, and the residents are not happy; concerned with increased alcohol comsumption; notation of Fleming Drive incident – the cost, and the image of London internationally; this resurrected idea should be forgotten – support Option A, recently implemented.

·                     A. Caxaj, Sunfest – concerned with the conservative image of London, outside of London; too many regulations and impediments; 360 days of hard work to prepare for the festival each year; stress the importance of arts in this community; large portion of the community that is not represented here, and some of the festivals recognize this and celebrate it; would support an increase in the decibel levels to allow for flexibility and would like additional time for flexibility due to delays, etc; in other countries there are festivals that go all night long; there are really very few festivals that would affect.

·                     O. Hobson, 45 Evergreen Avenue – notation of curfew in Victoria Park of 10 PM – not offensive activities; problems of ‘guests’ to downtown – all a part of downtown living; please keep to your noise to a reasonable level, while you’re here; if these regulations are to be extended, Council should also consider lifting of the curfew for all residents who may want to enjoy the parks after 10 PM.

·                     I. Hesketh, 836 Waterloo – as per the attached submission; choose to live downtown, and accept some of the conditions that go with it.  

·                     J. oneil, 350 – live downtown, and accept the noise; notation of all noise that is downtown; concern with raising the limit, because there will be more infractions, - comparison to speeding; look at how the law is applied, there should be some flexibility; if the noise (or music) is not appealing, there are different effects – and it is much more profound; would like to see the hours extended in order to have the flexibility to enjoy the festivals for those who don’t have flexible hours; Royal Astronomical Society – would like additional hours in the park for this.

·                     B. Dunn, 34 Empress Ave., - 20 years in neighbourhood; very active in neighbourhood (with City Councillors and staff too); good neighbourhoods make good cities; more people are coming downtown, and taking pride in the neighbourhoods; concerned that these sudden changes may undo the good progress and co-operation of the past; musical tastes are varied, does support festivals – agree with existing rules, but would support some flexibility (with peaks and valleys) with the enforcement of the existing policies to accommodate potential issues that may arise; doesn’t want to take money from charities, but there are lots of private companies making money; existing policy has good balance. 

·                     B. Bosack, 587 Dufferin – congratulate Sunfest for the many wonderful acts they bring to London; has stopped attending some festivals due to the noise – difficult to converse – knows others who feel the same way; when music is so loud, it becomes noise and is offensive and a pollutant; need to reduce pollution; opportunity for Council to take a really progressive position – should work to reduce noise levels across the City.

·                     S. Forston, Huron Street – can hear the music, even though she doesn’t live in the downtown; attends Rock the Park regularly, doesn’t ask about decibel levels (or hours) when buying a ticket, but rather to see a specific artist; concern with comparisons to other noise, such as lawnmowers; skeptical that by-laws will keep people away; perhaps time to look at relocating Rock the Park to another venue that won’t interfere with the livability of downtown.

·                     D. Carson, Picton Street – many points have already been covered and noted; we are not talking about just 3 festivals, there are events almost every weekend all summer long; there are many events throughout the year; has lived downtown about 8 years ago, when the rules were established for noise levels and hours of operation; would consider leaving the downtown if extensions are granted; not fair for residents to have to endure additional conditions, support remaining same

·                     Y. King, 67 Sherwood Ave. – concern that can hear the noise from home in old north from downtown; has been advised of safe levels of music/noise in personal workplace; a good song doesn’t get any better if it’s played loud; feels bad for those living downtown, know what it’s like being close to downtown; notation of experience of small towns in Europe; potential for London Ontario is going down the drain, are we trying to attract people for 4 days, or for permanent residences;

·                     R. Thompson, 1437 Killaly – can hear festivals at her home.

·                     Adelaide/Huron resident – repeat previous comments

·                     J. Small, 64 Sherwood Ave. -  sees the potential of London, these changes will ensure London Ontario will never be a world-class city; wanted to live downtown when relocated here, but now wouldn’t want to live downtown; sympathy for those who live downtown; the by-laws are already generous; only Sarnia and Windsor go later than 11 pm, and only on weekends; only Hamilton has increased decibels, and it is restricted to one venue location; WHO – report of 1980, and concern with noise levels and affects on people trying to sleep; other municipalities have “destination” festivals; Victoria Park is not an appropriate venue; have already struck a balance with existing policy

·                     J. Rivera, 520 WellingtonStreet – what impresses me is not just the festivals, but the walkability of the whole downtown; need to enforce all existing by-laws; have to give up your whole summer.

·                     J. Adams, 1401 Talbot Street – get up at 5 am everyday; like my window open all year; no issues with the noise, but the status quo is preferred for that reason; respect different opinions and challenges, may support another Option that would encourage additional residents in the downtown; go beyond what the presented options are; need a more nuanced approach – room for exceptions; there are many different view points.



Endorsement of the Toronto Charter for Physical Activity



Recommendation:  That the following actions be taken with respect to the international Charter for Physical Activity, as launched at the City of Toronto:


a)            the above-noted Charted BE ENDORSED by the City of London; it being noted that various Advisory Committees of the City are also making the recommendation for support; and,


b)            the principles and framework of the Charter BE CONSIDERED by Civic Administration in future endeavours;


it being noted that the Community Services Committee received a presentation from B. McCall, M. Albanese and G. Pollett, Middlesex-London Health Unit, with respect to this matter. 








Councillor M. Brown - Park Planning and Development



Recommendation:  That the request of Councillor M. Brown, with respect to the current process and requirements with respect to the development and construction of new parks, in newly developed areas BE REFERRED to the Civic Administration, with a report back at a future meeting of the Community Services Committee.



Director of Municipal Housing - Recommendations for Proposals Under Investment in Affordable Housing Program



Recommendation:  That, on the recommendation of the Director of Municipal Housing, the following actions be taken with respect to the project proposals received under the lnvestment in Affordable Housing Program RFP12-06:


a)            the following BE APPROVED:


i)              London Affordable Housing Foundation receive a municipal allocation of $55,000 per unit for twenty five (25) IAH units, plus $5,000 per unit for four (4) accessible units, for a total municipal allocation of $1,395,000 and a federal/provincial allocation of $60,000 per unit for a project located at 1641 Huron Street; 


ii)             Skinner Association Group receive a municipal allocation of $55,000 per unit for twenty seven (27) IAH units, plus $5,000 per unit for five (5) accessible units, for a total municipal allocation of $1,510,000 and a federal/provincial allocation of $60,000 per unit for a project located a|129 Riverside Drive;


iii)            Deaf Blind Ontario Services receive a municipal allocation of $38,000 per unit for four (4) IAH units, plus $5,000 per unit for four (4) accessible units, for a total municipal allocation of $172,000 and a federal/provincial allocation of $60,000 per unit for a project located at 1166 Sandbar Street;


iv)           1822039 Ontario Ltd. receive a federal/provincial allocation of $60,000 per unit for a six (6) IAH unit project located at 159 Main Street, Glencoe;


v)            the City of London forward the above-noted project proposals to the Province for program funding approval under the lnvestment in Affordable Housing Program;


vi)           the Sources of Financing Report, included in the original staff report, for the total municipal allocation of $3,077,000;


b)            in accordance with Municipal Housing Facilities By-Law No A.-5814-11, the bylaws, attached as Appendixes A, B, C and D, BE INTRODUCED at the Municipal Council meeting on June 26, 1012, to authorize a Municipal Contribution Agreement substantially in the form of an agreement appended to the by-laws and to the satisfaction of the City Solicitor for each of the above-noted proponents; and


c)            the Mayor and the City Clerk BE AUTHORIZED to execute the said Agreements.



Purchase of Service Agreement with Investing in Children



Recommendation:  That, on the recommendation of the Director of Neighbourhood and Children's Services, the attached proposed bylaw (Schedule “A”) BE INTRODUCED at the Municipal Council meeting of June 26, 2012, to: 

a)            approve a Purchase of Service Agreement between The Corporation of the City of London and Investing in Children Inc., 205 Oxford St. E., Suite 206 London, ON, N6A 5G6 for the Project Management and Development Services for the implementation of strategies developed by the Implementation/Working groups of the Child and Youth Network for a period of twelve months with an option to renew for a maximum of two one-year terms; 

b)         to delegate to the Director of Neighbourhood and Children’s Services the authority to authorize and approve such further and other documents that may be required in furtherance of the Agreement; 

c)         delegate to the Director of Neighbourhood and Children’s Services the authority to execute the Agreement in (a) above;

it being noted that funding to support this contract was approved in the 2012 budget as a component of the implementation of the Child and Youth Agenda. 



Licence Agreement - Ontario Senior Games Association (London District 30)



Recommendation:  That, on the recommendation of the Director of Neighbourhood and Children’s Services, the proposed draft by-law (Appendix A) BE INTRODUCED at the Municipal Council meeting of June 26, 2012 to:

a)            approve the agreement with the Ontario Senior Games Association (London District 30) for permission to use portions of the Carling Heights Optimist Community Centre, Kiwanis Seniors’ Community Centre, North London Optimist Community Centre, Stronach Community Recreation Centre Stadium, and Springbank Park for the purpose of hosting an annual winter and summer senior games competition; and,

b)       authorize the Mayor and Clerk to execute the Agreement in a) above.



RFP 12-07 Request for Proposal Ontario Works Employment Assistance Services



Recommendation:  That, on the recommendation of the Director of Social and Community Support Services; the following actions be taken with respect to RFP 12-07, Ontario Works Employment Assistance Services:

a)            the Director of Social and Community Support Services BE AUTHORIZED to negotiate and enter into contracts for a three (3) year period, with an option to extend the contract for two (2) additional one year periods as follows:


i)              Goodwill Industries, Ontario Great Lakes, 255 Horton Street, London, ON N6B 1L1;

ii)             Hutton House Association for Adults with Disabilities, 654 Wonderland Road N, London, ON N6H 3E5;

iii)            Leads Employment Services London Inc., 171 Queens Avenue, Suite 410, London, ON N6A 5J7;

iv)           Nokee Kwe, 1069 Wellington Road S., Unit 104, London, ON N6E 2H6;

v)            Pathways Skill Development & Placement Centre, 210 Dundas St., 2nd Floor, London, ON N6A 5J3;

vi)           WIL Counselling and Training for Employment, 141 Dundas Street, 4th Floor., London, ON N6A 1G3; and

vii)          Youth Opportunities Unlimited, 141 Dundas Street, 2nd Floor, London, ON N6A 1G3. 


i)             Goodwill Industries, Ontario Great Lakes, 255 Horton Street, London, ON N6B 1L1;

ii)            Pathways Skill Development & Placement Centre, 210 Dundas St., 2nd Floor, London, ON N6A 5J3;

iii)           Rehabilitation Foundation for the Disabled (known as March of Dimes), 920 Commissioners Rd. East, London, ON  N5Z 3J1; and,

iv)           Youth Opportunities Unlimited, 141 Dundas Street, 2nd Floor, London, ON N6A 1G3. 


i)              The London Community Small Business Centre, 316 Rectory Street, 3rd Floor, London, ON N5W 3V9.


i)              Collège Boréal, 355 Wellington St, Unit 279, London, ON N6A 3N7;

ii)             Daya Counselling Centre, 141 Dundas Street, 6th Floor, London, ON N6A 1G3;

iii)            Goodwill Industries, Ontario Great Lakes, 255 Horton Street, London, ON N6B 1L1;

iv)           Literacy Link South Central, 255 Horton Street, 3rd Floor, London, ON N6B 1L1; and

v)            LUSO Community Services, 1193 Oxford Street East, Unit 2, London, ON N5Y 3M2; and,

b)            the Civic Administration BE AUTHORIZED to undertake all administrative acts which are necessary in connection with this award; and

c)         the approvals hereby given BE CONDITIONAL upon the Corporation entering into a formal contract or issuing a purchase order relating to the subject matter of this approval








              That the meeting adjourned at 10:06 PM.

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