Accessibility Advisory Committee


Meeting #:3rd Meeting of the Accessibility Advisory Committee
Committee Room #4
  • PRESENT:   J. Madden (Chair), M. Cairns, L. Chappell, M. Dawthorne, A. Forrest, J. Higgins, N. Judges, P. Moore, K. Ramer and P. Quesnel and J. Bunn (Secretary).

    ABSENT:  K. Schmidt and F. Simmons.
    ALSO PRESENT:  C. Da Silva, J. DeVito, K. Husain, A. Macpherson, L. McDougall and J. Michaud.
    The meeting was called to order at 3:00 PM.

That it BE NOTED that M. Dawthorne disclosed a pecuniary interest in clause 5.1, of this Report, specifically with line 12 of the 2018 Accessibility Advisory Committee Work Plan having to do with investigating and discussing the benefits and impact of making Accessibility Advisory Committee brochures and materials in American Sign Language and other accessible formats, by indicating that his employer provides that type of service.

  • That the Conservation Master Plan for the Medway Valley Heritage Forest ESA (South) BE ENDORSED by the Accessibility Advisory Committee; it being noted that the Meeting Minutes from the ESA CMP Planning Process and the AODA Information Meeting held on February 21, 2018, as well as the attached presentation from L. McDougall, Ecologist, were received.

  • That the implementation of Option 1, as outlined in the attached presentation from J. Michaud, Landscape Architect, for the proposed playground at the South West Community Centre, BE SUPPORTED by the Accessibility Advisory Committee.

  • That the 2nd Report of the Accessibility Advisory Committee, from its meeting held on February 22, 2018, BE RECEIVED.

  • That the Notice from City of London Planning Services with respect to a Community Information Meeting related to planning for supervised consumption facilities and temporary overdose prevention sites, from L. Maitland, Planner I, BE RECEIVED.

  • That the Notice of Application dated March 12, 2018, from C. Parker, Senior Planner, with respect to an application by the City of London related to the Old East Village, BE RECEIVED.

  • That the Municipal Council resolution from its meeting held on March 6, 2018, with respect to the 1st Report of the Accessibility Advisory Committee, BE RECEIVED.

  • That the revised attached 2018 Work Plan for the Accessibility Advisory Committee BE FORWARDED to the Municipal Council for consideration.

  • That the Accessibility Advisory Committee Deferred List, as of March 2018, BE RECEIVED.

  • That J. Madden BE APPOINTED as Interim Chair of the Built Environment Sub-Committee and P. Moore BE APPOINTED as Chair of the Transportation Sub-Committee; it being noted that both the Built Environment Sub-Committee and the Transportation Sub-Committee will meet the second Tuesday of each month.

The meeting adjourned at 4:58 PM.